Sunday, January 6, 2013

Update on Carla's January Challenges - Week 1

Carla's Jan. Challenges

I am so grateful for finding Carla's Jan challenges and for her invitation to participate.  With her in the back of my mind, spending has been kept unbelievably low.  The official start was on the 1st, five days in and two have been no-out-of-pocket spending, and the other days are low spend.  Good week overall.

Spending Recap

1 - condo fee, I do need a roof over my head, tenting in Jan.... NO! allowed

2 - med co-pay - $4.11, allowed

3 - 2 yds of 45" fabric - $2.00 @ Sal. Army - white, will sew blouse to replace   summery one that appears dingy

4 - greeting card $1.51 - 1/2 price at my employment, $4.50 hospital parking for 1/2 hour, ouch.... but all good to see a friend

5 - thermos of coffee, desperate and I mean desperate for a coffee while at work so $1.80.  Didn't drink it all but reheated for this a.m. 

Debating where to allocate the $25 I budgeted for groceries but didn't spend.  I'm thinking I'll start another savings pot for summer outings.  I tend to put out more when I am out and about in the nicer weather so might go there.  Debating/planning still. 

Declutter Recap

For now staying with my 2 items per day but may up that to 3, so have reached the 10.  Today I'm getting into it!!!   I can't say I have a particular area, just stuff but what I've realized in taking a look and really "seeing" is that I have stuff that I hang on to that I think I might use someday and I haven't 'til now and can't visualize needing the future.  That will be my area of concentration.  Took a pic of the start but the blogger pic uploading is nonsense right now.   

Good wishes to all fellow challengees!  Thanks Carla!  0)


  1. Wow.. you're doing amazing with the challenges!! Well done! :) We have 4 kids, so constant decluttering is easier for us.. lol! Keep up the great work!!