Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Time..... Enemy or Friend?

I'm semi-retired right now so I think I shouldn't be busy!  Ha!  Not the case right now.  I'm feeling somewhat like I did when I was employed full-time.... lacking in extra time. 

I talked a few weeks ago or is it months?  ...... about my DD's FIL's fracture and subsequent entry into a retirement residence.  The process of disposing of his house possessions other than clothes and a few precious personal items has begun in preparation for selling his previous home, and I have been assisting with this process in whatever way I can.  It's taken time away from things that I normally do, and I've only stopped by a few blogs to see how everyone is immersed in their lives. 

And at the end of the day, I'm exhausted..... sitting and waiting for people to view furniture can be exhausting, ya know.  More mental than physical fatigue!  Anyway the end will come, just taking one step at a time.

Ugh!  Snowed a bit overnight.  Spring??  Where are you??  Come out now, no more hiding!!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Series of Events

1.  A week ago I brought home a bag of cat food and put on counter intending to put away later.
2.  Forgot to put it away
3.  Cat recognizes crinkling sound of bag of cat food
4.  Cat wants food in middle of night
5.  Cat jumps on counter and slowly but very diligently moves bag over beside toaster oven
6.  Toaster oven moves to edge of counter and ..... yep, you guessed it..... I wake up in middle of night and hear .....
7.  Toaster oven has hit the floor
8.  Cat food bag has hit the floor
9.  Toaster oven smashed and is now garbage; cat food bag intact
10. This Sunday I want toast for breakfast
11.  No toaster, oops!
12.  Monday, I go to Canadian Tire to check if any on sale
13.  Winter clearance sale at The Tire so spot a sign that says $25.99 for a Black & Decker toaster oven
14.  Can't find one stored on the shelf, just the one on display
15.  Call someone to find one for me
16.  None in stock
17.  Department manager is called to double check
18.  Checks, nope, none available at $25.99
19.  But I want this one that has $25.99 tag
20.  Manager hems and haws, talks to another  associate about percentage off, and how much The Tire is losing .....
21.  Comes back and says that this one on display is not the one for $25.99
22.  I say but it says that this one on display is $25.99, not once but on two different stickers posted above it.
23.  He agrees and gives me a $79.99 toaster/convection oven for $25.99 without further argument
24.  Toaster oven works beautifully.
25.  Cat lives to see many more days.  LOL!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

While I Was Away...

I missed Blogland while I was away from you, but I also found the time away to be very refreshing.  While I missed having easy access to a computer, being away from it gave me a chance to focus, really focus on other interests.  The computer can be a real time sucker if you are lacking in self-discipline, and my discipline seems to have melted with the snow and run down the sewer.  Spending time on the net has become a form of entertainment to me because I've had more free time to fill this winter.  And it's made me realize that I need to spend less time staring at the screen and move on to more productive activities.  And I thought I was already doing that.  Ha!  Wrong.

Today was a full day of work at the pharmacy and I did not whistle while I worked today.  That's a reference to Carla's post if you're wondering where that came from.  One of the first transactions of the day was the sale of a $100 prepaid credit card which the individual indicated he would be using for online gambling.  He came back an hour later requesting a refund because the card was not accepted by the site he was visiting.  The receipt clearly reads "no refunds on gift cards or credit cards once activated".  Management policy is absolutely no exceptions.  This individual became livid, creating a very tension-filled situation which wasn't going to be resolved easily.  He refused to accept the policy and refused to leave the store, he refused to return on Mon to speak with the owner of the store to resolve this if possible.  He was just plain downright ornery.  After discussion with another store associate, we contacted the store owner at home who gave instruction to refund a portion of the $100.  What????  Now we are going to go back on this policy that you so strongly implemented and backed over these many months.  Confusion reigns!  And my point on the whole thing.... why are we giving a refund on a card that we have no knowledge whether it actually had been used or not.  For all we know right now, this person might have just made $100 from us.  Whistlling while I worked, not today!

The day is over and I'm relaxing with one ear to the TV watching/listening to the Montreal vs Pittsburgh hockey game.  Go Habs Go!  Keep on winning.  We want the Stanley Cup back in Canada.  It's been awhile.  Afterward I'm going to work on my March goals.  I didn't put goals in place for February and I felt a little bit lost.

Night all and thanks for stopping by.

 How's your week-end so far? 

Can You Tell Me How to Get to Sesame Street?

photo taken from this Facebook page!/ScottIsaacsMD

What can I say, other than it brought a smile to my face.  :)