Thursday, January 31, 2013

First Month of the Year Gone - Challenges Wrap Up

Bye, bye January..... Did this seem like a really, really, really long month to you?  Okay, I'm exaggerating, it wasn't that long!  It's been nice having you around, but time to go!

This was the challenge for January which I participated in. 

Wk 1 Financial was to make do instead of running out to buy something.  My result was probably about 90% adherence, making a couple of unplanned small purchases.  Wk 1 Declutter was to get rid of "things" that clutter up my residence.  I don't have a specific thing so I chose to declutter 2 items a day.  I kept on decluttering when I reached 62, but probably reached 100. 

Wk 2 Financial was to bring in additional income.  Success here as I work a few hours a week at a p/t job and  I save all the wage earned.  Wk 2 Declutter was a cleanup of a junk drawer and it was successfully completed and with pics posted. 

Wk 3 Financial was to give, to donate financially and I chose to give to a drop-in center as well as to one individual at the center.  Wk 3 Declutter was a closet cleanout.  Job well done and patting myself on the back as it's a closet with  sliding doors, hard to access and a job I don't enjoy. 

Wk 4 Financial was to reduce my budget and I was able to do that by contacting my vehicle insurance provider and asking for the discount associated with not being a commuter any longer.  Reduction and credit received for this one.   Wk 4 Declutter was to organize the pantry/linen cupbaord.  Completed and looks much better. 

Was a good challenge for January, the month after the Dec. spend-a-thon.  In addition my personal challenge was to have a low/no spend month and I was very successful (in my eyes).  I spent 11 days so 20 no spends.  I spent zero dollars on groceries instead using gift cards only to buy and consuming from the fridge/pantry.  The hospital parking costs didn't amount to as much as I thought it might, as I shared a ride with my daughter for several visits. 

The gal who co-ordinated the January challenge is Here.  I'm happy to say that with her guidance this proved to be a very worthwhile challenge.  Decluttering "stuff" can be so satisfying and has me thinking about the things I am tempted to bring home.... need or want.  Mindful spending has kept me on track.  I've been able to deposit over $400 into savings.  

I will continue challenging myself through February.   :)


  1. Wonderful work! Great accomplishments! You should be patting yourself on the back.

  2. Well done, Connie. I'll be following your example soon as I'll also be looking at changing my lifestyle in the future. Hugs Sue

  3. Wow Connie way to rock Carla's January Challenge. Thank you for the B/D wishes for my Rob, and yes i will try to have a word on your behalf to Wiarton Willie, but you know how stubborn Rodents can be?

  4. Congrats to you!! What a great month!


  5. Great work and a great start to the year!

  6. You are amazing! You put your ALL into my challenges and it shows!! :) Well done!!