Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Carla's Challenge check-in, Week 3

I'm liking this challenge.  I'm getting things done!!  This challenge eliminates something big that probably haunts us all during the winter...... PROCRASTINATION!!!

As a part of this challenge, we were asked/required/ordered (LOL!) to clean out a closet, even two closets if we possessed overwhelming energy.

BEFORE!!  Blushing at this one!

THE AFTER.... That's better!
Sorry, the pictures are a little dark.  It's sliding doors so no light in it and hard to get a decent pic 'cause I'm not all that familiar with the workings of my camera.  Trust me, it looks a heck of lot better than it did in the before pics.  I live in a small space so that closet tends to become a catch-all place for stuff.  Mops, a bucket, potting soil live there along with shoes, hats, scarves, hoodies and jackets. 

For the financial aspect of the challenge, we were requested to "give", to find a way to donate financially.  This part of the challenge was not at all difficult and right from my heart as I know that everyone enjoys a Tim Horton's coffee/donut or something from this shop, so I purchased a gift card for $10 and gave it to the first individual I encountered outside the drop-in shelter when I stopped by to also drop off these items.  She was absolutely beyond delighted. 

The shampoos, conditioners were samples and the soaps are little hotel bars.  I can't use them any more due to dermititis which is aggravated by these scented type products.  The underwear was purchased at 50% off per package during Zeller's closing down sale way back in September.  During my closet cleanup I also found a couple of hats and scarves that I don't use any more, so included them and I'm sure they are appreciated with our extreme cold.  This shelter was created by several churches in the metropolitan area where I live and my church is a contributor to those who need help.  I am grateful for all that I have and grateful that  I can contribute. 

Decluttering challenge:  Mission accomplished
Financial challenge:  Mission accomplished

Spending has been low this past week. 


  1. Wonderful!!! My closet was dreadful before too... probably much worse than yours! lol!! I love your "giving"! :) Well done this week!!!

    1. Always feels so good when an area is organized, doesn't it?

  2. congrats on completing the challenges.



  3. You did brilliantly! What a lovely gift to give someone!

  4. Whoohooo way to do up a challenge Connie !

    1. From the frozen south to the frozen north, thanks Cindy!

  5. I will prove the so-called experts wrong and live as a senior citizen without $1,000,000 + to fall back on! Yes, yes, YES. What absurd expectations these $1 m+ folks must have. That, or really bad health.