Sunday, January 20, 2013

Obsessed At The Moment

Way back in Nov. 2012, I blogged about my renewed interest in

I don't spend the money on Netflix, and don't rent movies either.  I put my name on the hold list at the library and I wait patiently until the selected movie is available for my pick up. 
 Wouldn't you know it, everything available yesterday with my name on it is British related.


It's a cold day here in Whitby, the temp is -5 deg C and going down, so a wonderful day to stay indoors, reading about and watching Brits.   Lots of viewing to do this week; the movies are mine to watch for a week.  Oh, oh....... and then there's Downton Abbey tonight.

Somewhere in here I have to exercise or my arse will become bigger from all thise sitting!!! 


  1. I do LOVE Meryl Streep. Enjoy the coziness of the day.

  2. So glad I found another Downton Abbey fan. Even though the New England Patriots are playing a championship game tonite I will be switching over to Downton Abbey! I share with you living in retirement with less money but certainly happy. So glad I found you!

  3. I do the same with movies, borrow them from the library, they have a huge selection and we can order them also. What would we do without the library.
    Yes, Downton Abbey, I have nt got over poor Lady Ediths jilting yet !


  4. I've seen all those, I'm sure you'll enjoy them. I loved "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel", wonderful cast and beautiful photography...great story as well!

  5. You are only one and a half hours drive away from me!!
    I'm looking forward to another Brit move going to DVD 'Quartet'.It's about a home for retired opera singers and stars Maggie Smith,Billy Connolly and a whole bunch of other brilliant British actors 'of a certain age'.
    Jane x