Monday, January 21, 2013

Late Reporting in On SFT's Challenge

It's Monday and I think I should have written a check-in yesterday.  Better late than not at all!

The Sealed Pot received a decent feeding this week, but it better not get used to it!  Not every week is going to have extra.  I worked 6 unscheduled hours filling in for an employee who was unavailable for her scheduled work time,  resulting in a  paycheck larger than expected.  So I split the approximately $60 three ways; $25 went into the Sealed Pot to be opened in December, $25 went into the Summer Sealed Pot I have decided to establish and the remaining $10 covers the government required contributions which are CPP, EI and income tax. 

Fat Paycheck - Stock Vector
Big Fat Paycheck!!!    NOT!!!!
None of my earnings from the store are used for my living expenses.  Since retiring from full-time employment and receiving pensions for income I had decided that I would live on the pension income because:
1.  I have a determination that I can live a happy satisfied life on this income
 2.  I will prove the so-called experts wrong and live as a senior citizen without $1,000,000 + to fall     back on! 

This retail income is gravy and I've mentioned before that I enjoy the workplace.   All of the money thus far has been placed into savings in one form or another.  I am so inspired by the many frugal, simple living blogs that I read that it is not at all difficult to stay on the path.  :)  If I have to tap into the gravy, I will, but I don't have to.

I enjoyed a lazy day today, spending a good portion of it watching the inauguration of President Obama's second term leading the United States of America.  Beyonce wowed the crowd with her singing of the national anthem, Kelly Clarkson sang as did James Taylor.  Very impressive ceremony to watch.  I admire the patriotism of the citizens, our neighbours to the south. 

Then it was off to work for a little while and now home and relaxing time.  Tomorrow is looking like a great day!  A cold snap has hit and it is bbrrrrrr out there.  It's -12 C right now at 11 p.m. and heading down to -15 C.  Although that's not bad compared to Winnipeg where it was -45 C with windchill.  Yikes!  I remember temps like that when I lived there in the late '60's. 

This and That From The Cat!!


  1. I don't even know how much I put into my sealed pot, I just add bits and pieces here and there. Like 3c. I found in our couch today or $3 yesterday :) You are doing great!

  2. Good one on the sealed pot contribution, Connie

  3. We have relatives we have visited not too far from you and we love Canada. But.........I would not enjoy your winters.

  4. Hi Connie - am enjoying reading about your life. My department is relocating in August and I will be taking redundancy. We will finish the day after my 58th birthday, so I am treating it as early retirement. I believe I will manage on the pension I will draw, as mortgage will be paid off with severance pay. I am already practising by living on the projected amount (apart from mortgage payments) so I can see if I need to tweak my expenses. If necessary I will look for a part-time job but can't wait to have a bit more time for myself, family and friends.
    We have snow here too in UK but luckily not as cold as Canada - it makes the garden look tidy at least.

    Best wishes Aileen

    1. Aileen, have searched but couldn't find a blog for you. Do you plan to create one when you finish your work perhaps?

  5. Well on on your sealed pot contributions. Although I don't work since retiring two years ago, I too live very simply on my state pension and a little private pension. I can still afford to have little holidays etc., as I've saved for them. I don't have lots of money but I have no debts and I'm happy!