Friday, January 18, 2013

Catch-up Friday!

This is the view out my window this morning.

We received about 2 cms snow overnight and the temp this a.m. is -10 deg. C.  I think it  might be the coldest day of the winter thus far.   Not to worry.  I'll dress warmly and I won't even feel it when I walk to the library in my new winter jacket/coat.   
No post yesterday as I was out all day supporting my daughter.  She picked me up after her dental appointment and the moment she started driving, she poured out her thoughts about everything that was on her mind.  She's busy and overwhelmed at the moment.  As well as being a wife, mother to 3, she operates a home business and is a student of online university.  She is also  assisting in dealing with issues involving her FIL in hospital and pending move to a nursing home.  She talked and talked and talked and I listened mostly.  I think she just needed to get it out.  I was exhausted at the end of my day.

And today is a new day, and it will be a day to catch up/catch all that comes my way.  Other than the walk to the library, I'll have a tidy up/vaccum/clean bathroom type day.  Sounds so exciting, doesn't it but these things need doing and they won't go away.  LOL!  Once upon a time I didn't mind the "weekly catch up, but now it just feel like a thing to put on the to-do list as evidence that I've had a goal for the day.  LOL!   

This and That From The Cat! 


  1. Your winter coat looks cosy..I bought mine too large so I could fit plenty of layers underneath.
    We have to pop out a little later on,so I'm hoping the snow holds off until we get back.
    Jane x
    (Purrs from the cats)

  2. Oh sounds like a busy day. Enjoy I know cleaning is not fun but that is life:) B

  3. It is very cold, grey and overcast with lots of snow here today. brrr

  4. Very nice coat. Is that a furry hood I see? I like a furry hood to keep my ears warm.

  5. Lovely jacket, looks like it will keep you nice and warm! And it's great that you could be there for your daughter, sometimes we just need someone to listen!
    Judy xx

  6. LOVE the coat, love your happy smile and totally love your goal - less money, more happiness. Dropping by on Checkerboard Cindy's Ontario Blog tour. So nice to meet you, Connie! Hope you're loving winter as much as your smile says you are!