Saturday, January 19, 2013

I'm Quick to Forgive, ......


If you're a Canadian, you know hockey.  Maybe you don't particularly enjoy it, follow it's progress over a season, watch any of the playoff games, but you can probably say you know hockey..... well, a teeny bit anyway. 

The unofficial start of winter is the beginning of the hockey season in early October, if it's a normal year.  The 2012 - 2013 season did not start in Oct, it started today.  Instead of each team playing 82 games as they would have been able to had they started in Oct, the games played will total 48 before the playoffs begin. 

The reason for the delay in start of the season was a labour dispute between the National Hockey League and the National Hockey League Players Association.  The issues between the two sides were many and difficult for the ordinary guy (like me) to grasp.   Basically wealthy owners and overpaid hockey players fighting over money!  For weeks both sides talked, they bargained, they didn't talk and then just separated until an arbitrator arrived to settle the whole thing. 

I said I didn't really miss hockey during the labour dispute but I really did.  I can't deny that I am a longtime fan, back to the days of broadcast on radio by Foster Hewitt.  Again if Canadian, you will know this name.  And here it is again, Saturday night and it's

The boys are back and it's on to watch the action this evening.  Okay fellas, I forgive you for being away, but I won't forget the emptiness that was caused by your absence.  Good to have you back. 

Have to go now, I'm a little excited about the game tonight..... Montreal Canadiens v. Toronto Maple Leafs.  :)



  1. We were in Vancouver in June 2011 when the playoffs were on. Luckily we missed the big riot but were there for 2 games (I think!). Lots of people very passionate about the game
    Judy xx

    1. That was a huge embarassment to Vancouver. Glad to hear you weren't there for it. Yes, some of us Canadians really enjoy our hockey. :)

  2. Hockey was huge back home in Russia too. Not as much here in US:(