Monday, January 14, 2013

The Queens Are On My Trail!

The two most frugal Queens I have become acquainted with are now followers of my blog and I am delighted to know they have added me to their lists.   I just this past autumn discovered their blogs and read each entry (honest, I have gone back and read every entry each of them has added since they both started their blogs).  Each of these two ladies has inspired me in their own way..... Meanqueen, because she is retired as I am, and has the gumption to just get on with life and make it as good as it can be each day.  Frugal Queen, because she inspires me to find my own way to "good enough", to realize that there is no perfect and good enough is okay.  I'm including their links if there is anyone reading this who hasn't discovered their blogs as yet but would be interested in reading more about these two wonderful ladies.

Meanqueen  and Frugal Queen
Click to show "Queen Elizabeth II" result 6

Perhaps Her Majesty could learn a lesson or two from each of them.  I'll contact her and ask her to give you each a call.  Froogs, there has to be some wonderful quilting fabric in her castoff outfits.  MQ, perhaps her Bentley needs new decor.  :) 


  1. By Appointment to Their Majesties eh ? you've made it now - well done !!

  2. Now look what you've done, made me come and read your blog before I've checked my own, ha ha. I can see we're going to get on like a house on fire. Happy frugalling.

    1. Careful Your Majesties, I might have to impeach you both from your thrones. As the Countess of Grantham might say.... "afterall, I am older than both of you, so I shall appoint myself Queen!"