Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Out and About With A Friend

I've just come back from a wonderful day out with a neighbour/friend.   We first talked about going out for a day a couple of months ago when I met her outside for a chat and she mentioned a need to visit a dentist for a checkup and cleaning.  I told her about my excellent dentist, his great personality and his very friendly staff and she indicated that she would like to meet him.  I arranged for a brief meeting with him today and then we were off to have lunch.

Ellen was born in the Bermondsey area of London, met and married a Canadian soldier and immigrated in February, 1948.  She is now 86 and lost her DH a few years ago.  She is sharp as can be and continues to live on her own.  A couple of times last summer she did faint at home and as a result opted to give up her driver's licence and she is missing the freedom of her car to go anywhere at a moment's notice. 

She has been feeling a bit blue lately..... it's chilly out there, more gray days than sunshine and isolated a bit without mobility.  So I decided that we would have an afternoon out after the dental visit.  She wanted to enjoy a fish and chips lunch and insisted on buying mine as well and wouldn't take no for an answer.  Are all British elderly ladies SO stubborn????  LOL!  MQ, help me out here!!  Then we went off to the Dollar Tree for a couple of things that she wanted to buy.  I didn't spend a penny there as I am no/low spend in Jan.  I did buy $20 of gas which is in my allowable spending budget for Jan.  and will probably last me a month since not much driving planned.  Next we were off to the village of Brooklin where she wanted to point out her grandson's home and I in turn showed her where my daughter lived in the same neighbourhood.  Today was a clear, sunny day and the drive in the countryside to get to the village brightened her day as much as it did mine. 

I apologize that I didn't have my camera with me to take pics today to share with you.  We both love to talk and we were trying to outdo each other in that department.  She shared some of her wartime experiences with me, and I shared my Canadian thoughts and experiences from younger days.  I plan to share more days with her....... a kindness given always comes back to you, I think. 

As an aside, a blogger from a town in Ontario a ways north of where I live, is hosting an Ontario blogger day.  Here   Cindy, north of Wiarton is the link for details if you are a blogger and live in Ontario (near the bottom of the post).  :)  And check out those Checkboard Aussies, such darlings. 

So that's it from the cat!


  1. The Cat thinks our Checkerboard Aussies are adorable? HA ! I am certain they would LOVE your cat too, Connie. Twas a cold bitter windy day here too, but the sun shone until late this afternoon when a snow squall set itself to brewing. Still bitter cold out now. Thanks for the plug-in, I hope it spreads the good word about all us wonderful Ontario Folk.

  2. Hey, less of the British ELDERLY ladies when you refer to me please, ha ha. I think stubborness is an age thing rather than gender related. My 89 year old elderly uncle insisted on giving me some petrol money when I took him to a funeral. I think he likes to keep his independance and respect for himself, and paying his way is part of that.

    Your friend just felt she wanted to repay your kindness and treat you to lunch. Just accept and thank her. It sounds as if you have a real friend there, I hope you enjoy many more trips together.

  3. we British do tend to be independant!!!

    Popped over via Cindy's to say hello, I am also a blogger living in Ontario.


  4. Oh that sounds like a lovely time well maybe not the dentist bill:)
    It is nice to have company on those grey Ontario days. I am sure she really appreciates it and so do you. B

  5. It sounds like it was a wonderful day, and much needed for your friend!! :) I LOVE fish n' chips!! Yum! Was so sweet for her to buy you lunch! Im hoping the sun comes out soon, as I miss it too!