Friday, January 25, 2013

I Guess It Was Inevitable

Sick woman with red nose leaving a trail of tissues behind her clipart
Considering I exchange money with sick people at my p/t workplace, it was inevitable that I would catch something and I have.  Despite handwashing,  hand sanitizing, sanitizing common surfaces around the cash handling area, someone has shared their cold with me.   It started on Wed. quite suddenly.  One half hour or so from feeling fine until my nose was bundled up with Kleenex to stop the non-stop sneezing and dripping. 

I have only been out a couple of times these past three days; on Wed. to buy Advil C& S and today to return the movies due back at the library.  I was cozy and warm indoors while the outside temperature hovered in the minus teens during the day.  I covered up, watched TV, watched the three British movies I had borrowed, ate soup, drank coffee and tea and o.j.  I'm feeling much better today and tomorrow will tackle cleaning up my world.  It's been badly overlooked the past couple days.  :)

We've had about four inches of snow starting at noon and ending about 6 p.m.  This pic is of a 80 vehicle pileup on highway 401, a major highway running through the southern part of the province.  There were numerous injuries, three serious.   Snowy weather means slow down while driving. 


  1. So sorry you have been sick, Connie, glad you are on the mend!
    Judy xx

  2. Hope you're feeling better. Four inches of snow fell during the night here, again. Cleaning the driveway will be my first job after I get out of bed.

  3. Oh dear Connie get yourself better much sooner then later. The snow is coming down so heavy at the moment here that I can not even see our bushline. Keep warm and hydrated. xx

  4. Hope you are feeling better soon, my bleckityblahblah is still with me so another day when the housework gets forgotten.
    Jane x

  5. Thank you everyone for the good wishes. Feeling so much better today. The sun is shining, the snow is glistening and it's a good day. :)