Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Carla's Challenge, week 4

Decluttering Challenge:  to clean up the messy pantry

Who is the slob that lives here?  What a mess!
My teeny closet serves as a pantry & linen houser.

Sort of dark in there, that's to disguise the mess!

That's as tidy as it's going to get!

Financial Challenge:  To cut the weekly budget

I made a phone call last week to the company that provides insurance coverage for my car and home, advising them that I am now retired, have reached the age of 65, and no longer use my car to commute, just for pleasure driving.  Starting in March I will receive a $43.33  credit for three months which will total $130.00.  I've been bursting to tell this on my blog but didn't want to spoil my news by posting early.  So that works out to just over $10.00 a week from my budget.  The credit goes back to October when I retired from commuting and reached that "magic age of discounts".  LOL!  I don't know yet what the monthly amount will be when the policy comes up for renewal June 1st because as we all know, even though costs go down, they do go up again.  So even though the cut doesn't come to this week's budget, I'm counting it as a major cut to my future budget. 

I'm planning to prepare a "wrap up to the January challenge" and post it in a couple of days. 


  1. It looks awesome Connie ! and congratulations on your CREDITS !!!

  2. Nice job on getting a discount!

  3. Nice work on the cupboards and the savings!

  4. You've done really well with the challenge, well done!
    Judy xx

  5. That looks great! Well done on the savings!!! Don't you love that! :)

  6. Good for you on the insurance savings. I hope you can enjoy a few years of reduced insurance costs at least before they go up again.

    I'm admiring your teeny tiny closet. I wish I had one! I'm afraid I have no kitchen storage and it makes it rather challenging, esp. since my cabinets are very small inside. Keeps me looking for ways to declutter ;-)