Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tell All Tuesday!

Or reporting in to Carla's Wk 2 Decluttering & No/Low Spend Challenge.  Aye, aye ma'am, Constance reporting for duty!  LOL!  Little wordy there Carla, from here on you shall be known as   CW?D&N/LSC.  No you won't!  I'll never remember that.  LOL!

Great results this week, once again patting myself on the back.... 'cause Allie's paw doesn't quite reach that high. 

To the declutter portion, happy to say I've chucked 53 items, just stuff, some books too, but stuff that as I'm making the decision to stay or go, I question the value I once placed on it.   Why did I ever spend the money on that?  Why did I think it would make my life so much better/happier/satisfying?  Why do I have so many candles??????  That one's easy to answer.  Early in this century I chose to enter into a relationship and I thought candles would enhance the romance in this relationship.... Ha!  He's long gone and now a large number of candles are as well.  The romance goes out and so does the power so I had to keep a few just in case.  =) 

The Bedroom Dresser Junk Drawer Before


And now to the financial portion... wait now, another pat on the back.  There were two unplanned purchases; the first was printer ink, and the other an eat in at a fish & chips place.  I thought I had an extra cartridge but must have used it and forgot that I had.  The fish & chips.... well I just wanted it and it was sooooo good.  So it has been a low spend week.  I did need a few groc. items but paid for them with a gift card. 

The extra income was generated by working 6.5 unscheduled hours at the pharmacy.  Another associate couldn't work her scheduled day so I filled in, which resulted in $66.63 gross and it was  painless earning.  I'm left on my own to do what I think needs doing all the while providing excellent customer service.  I haven't sorted in my mind how I will allocate this extra income, but Week 3's challenge now has me thinking in a different direction.   

So now you've heard my top secrets of this past week and it's  satisfying all around.  :)

This and That From The Cat!!


  1. well done you and completing both challenges.........already done one of this weeks, and I know what to do for the finance one, I think!!

  2. Nice job on all of the goals and challenges!

  3. Good job on both challenges is right! I am happy to know I am not the only one in the World with a cluttered bedroom drawer. Thanks for your email & I have replied.

    "Just Me"

  4. The junk drawer looks awesome!! What a difference! Now if we can only keep them looking so good all year! haha!! ;) That's wonderful about the extra income!!

    On a side note... i'd kill to be able to eat fish & chips... mmmm!! Jealous! lol!

    1. Thank you..... if I wasn't such a lazy loafer sometimes, I'd just put things away neatly and it would never get to this, but such effort. LOL!