Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday, Are You Saying It's Sunday Already?

This past week seems to have flown by. Glad I'm still here and not 6 feet under. LOL!

And it's check-in time for SFT'S Week six sealed-pot-challenge

Question of the Week:  Does the location of your pot matter?

No, it doesn't matter.  I see it often throughout the day and after 6 weeks, any coin I see/lay my hands on is questioned.  Should I put this into the pot or will there be a need to use it later on in the week?  When I am at my 'puter, I just need to swivel my head and I see the pot. 

Turn head to left and there it sits, starring, slyly sending signals "feed me, feed me"...

The pot looks sort of ragged, I may have to work on it, make it a bit more posh if it's ever to make a Sunday display on SFT's blog. 

This week I have fed the $1.51 difference between the cost price and retail selling price  (employee perk)  for a battery to fuel my pedometer.  The pot was fed $1.50 found in a small change purse while decluttering the junk drawer.  And my building's boozers contributed $6.50 in bottle returns this week.  Hope that supply doesn't dry up.... :)  Also found a few pennies in the junk drawer which I didn't count, just threw them in. 

Looking forward to giving the pot an extra large feed next week due to some unexpected funds. 

That's it for now friends.  =)

This and That From The Cat


  1. Great post Connie!

    I love the position of your pot.

    Well done for your savings this week and I'm already excited about next week's unexpected windfall.

    Sft x

  2. put money in my pot also. MIne is on my computer desk out of the way.


  3. I put all my bottle refunds into a can and save it for Christmas food/drink spending. It's amazing what you find in it at the end of the year.