Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Day After The Day After

This is what my world outside looks like the second day after Christmas. 

Taken from my perch a few floors up in our vertical village.  The pic is a bit dark as it is gloomy out there, however the snow has stopped and residents are into driveway cleanup.  A major advantage of living in a VV (not the store.... LOL!!), I don't have to do any clearing of snow.  This is the first major snowfall of the '12-'13 winter.  Not sure how much snow fell, looks like about 5 cm. 

Christmas Day was a wonderful, happy day.  Lots of gifts were enjoyed by the family.  The food was very tasty, as always.  A fresh turkey which was roasted to moist perfection.   There was much negotiating by the young ones as to who would enjoy the drumsticks this time.  But one participant was quick on the draw and indulged before anyone else had a chance.  I think this is my favourite picture of the day.  Sorry but lighting was somewhat subdued in part of the room.

Granddaughter Michelle enjoying Christmas dinner

Also in pic are GS Chris,  two DD's and at the end in blue MIL of daughter in middle of table. 

I passed on the Boxing Days sales, opting to relax all day at home.  I was very, very lazy, eating what I wanted when I wanted and doing virtually nothing.  Many hours were spent catching up on the many blogs I am following.  So many brilliant people out there with so many brilliant things to say and many, many displaying talent and skills which are so inspiring to me, a frugal grannie living simply on a budget.

Today's plans are simple..... 1)  move my @ss, tidy up my home, then..... 2) walk to library, pick up holds, then..... 3) review goals for Carla's January challenges..... 4)  review January's budget.  Busy day, time to get going! 

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  1. I'm glad you had a great Christmas! We definitely had a white Christmas here too but about two feet of snow :)