Saturday, December 22, 2012

Another Christmas Shopping Day Over!

December 22 Calendar 2012 : calendar sheet

Today's eight hours went pretty well, actually so much better than I had anticipated.  I'm thinking a good night's rest took away the crankiness that many experienced last evening.  Yay for good sleep and rest.  It works so well to restore the body and the soul.  I'm not scheduled to work until next Fri and then Sunday. 

After dinner I joined friends for a meal of fish and chips and it was a very good meal.  I chose haddock and my friends enjoyed halibut along with their chippies.  We all decided that because it was Christmas that we weren't going to be good and choose the salad this time.  Hello Santa Claus, we've all been bad, but take no notice and bring us our pressies anyway.  :) 

On my drive home, stopped at FreshCo to pick up some fresh fruit and veggies.  No way was I planning to be in any shop tomorrow or Monday.  Everyone else will be there picking up the 'big' Christmas shop or the one or two forgotten items.  I spent just $30 and this will take me into 2013 without having to set foot in a supermarket. 
Wrapping Christmas Gifts : Vector Christmas Gifts
Tomorrow it'll be wrap, wrap, and a bit more wrapping. 

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  1. I stayed up till midnight last night wrapping all the gifts. But I'm glad I won't have to do it on Christmas Eve :) I gave up on eating healthy in December. I will start again next year :)