Friday, December 7, 2012

Food Waste Friday

Silly me, how did I miss this one in my fridge, when I have been hyper-vigilant to keep from wasting.  It got pushed behind a couple pounds butter right to the back on the lowest shelf and I missed it.  It's about 2/3's cup of whole wheat pasta, just plain nothing on it.  It didn't smell very appetizing.

Some baby spinach leaves that once again didn't smell right to me.  So I follow "if in doubt, throw it out" and out it went.  The containers of lettuce are just too big for me to eat up before they go off.  I've not saved any money if I'm throwing it away half eaten.  I think I will return to paying more for a smaller bag and ensuring that it is all consumed. 

I win some and I lose some.  :)

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