Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Another Change..... Perhaps???

Could there be another work related change in the works?  I don't know for sure but there is a rumour. 

This is an exterior picture of the pharmacy where I work part-time. 

  It's not a great picture, just grabbed a screen shot off Google maps street view, but you get the idea.  There are several of these little franchised pharmacies around town and pretty much every small town in the province has at least one or more.  And there is the big guy in town.

The  small IDA has operated for approximately 20 years; the big SDM for 5 yrs, and business has slowly been drained from the little guy by the big fella.  The picture above is not of the store nearby, just an illustration of what the bigger one looks like.   Customer loyalty in the dispensary at IDA has kept the business running successfully but it's become apparent that the store front, which is the area I work in, is failing.  Sales through November are down year to date from what they were last year and aren't likely to increase due to Christmas being here as there aren't many items on offer that could be classed as gifts.   The owners have been throwing around some ideas apparently to change the store front to bring in more customers,  but I'm not privy to the details.  So it will be a wait and see situation.  For now, I will go to work on my scheduled time period.  The future will take care of itself. 

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