Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Oh Those Yummy Quality Street chocolates!

First of all, welcome to my blog Lena and Amber25.  So nice of you to stop by.  Love both of your blogs

Who doesn't love a Quality Street?  I have to admit I don't enjoy the entire selection.  The purple, green, blue, and toffees are my favourite.  I will, when offered, refuse the orange and strawberry flavours because  I've never enjoyed eating anything that has been infused with a fake fruit flavour.  (Say that five times fast.  LOL!)  Never mind, there are enough of the other chocolates to completely satisfy my craving for a QS.  Now if I buy a tin, I'm receiving all the choices so I'm taking a chance, right?  Well, today I discovered they can be purchased at The Bulk Barn and best of all, I can select just the ones that I want and won't have to give away any of the flavours I don't care for.   I bought a few for a treat and they tasted just wonderful.  It's only at this time of year that I eat them, but so worth the wait.   And today being Seniors Day at BB, received 10% off everything purchased.  Clicking on my "like" button. 

How 'bout you?  Do you enjoy Quality Street just at this time of year?


  1. I've never seen these before in the US but they look delicious!

  2. HAHA
    I have had to learn to like the orange and strawberry ones as I always arrived at the opened tin (at work) last.
    I finally bought a tin and was amazed at all the other varieties, but still liked the orange and strawberry best!