Friday, December 28, 2012

Goals January Low Spend/Decluttering Challenge & mini crisis

As I approached the beginning of  Carla's challenge, I had some lofty goals in my sight and I was pretty sure I would achieve them but life has placed a mini crisis into our family.  So again this morning, they were reworked.

Goals : Photograph of several sticky notes labeled wtih the word SMART which means the goals Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, time Bound.

First the goals: 

  • Decluttering -  donate or dispose of 62 items.  I'm sure 2 per day are achievable. 
  • No Spend - I'm aiming to spend zero dollars for groceries with a plan to consume from the freezer and pantry.  The perishables, ie milk, fresh fruit and vegetables will be paid for with the gift cards received at Christmas.
  • Low Spend - I am planning to be very mindful of spending in all areas, however I will consume more gas, pay for hospital parking, and unanticipated expenses that may go along with this.
  • I will continue the challenge created by Mrs. SFT.
There it is, in writing now and in 3 days will be fully implemented.  I am going to record every penny out.  Looking forward to getting started on this one. 

The mini crisis.... my daughter's FIL, who is 82 yrs old fell yesterday at his home, fractured his hip, and is in hospital awaiting surgery to repair which is scheduled for tomorrow.  He is a kind, caring, very generous man and I consider him part of my family too.  I am concerned for his future as is everyone else.  Dementia was beginning to set in before this accident and this may end his time living alone in his home, and he is dead set against this.  Please pray for healing for this good man.  Thank you. 

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