Monday, November 5, 2012

Lesson Learned A Hard Way

I had read about a little trick that bloggers sometimes do to ensure that they don't lose a post before it's published, that being to write out their post in OneNote or Word.  Well I thought I was going to be smart and ignore that advice; that I didn't need to take that step of writing, copying and pasting, that losing a post just wasn't going to happen to me.  Ha!  Who do I think I am that something like that could never possibly happen to me.  Huh??? ??? ???
Last evening, had a long message about my retirement plans written out and damn if it didn't vapourize into thin/thick/whatever air when I hit publish.  Poof!  Gone!  Completely gone!  Made me very, very cross 'cause it took a lot of time, thought, rethinking, rethoughts, more rethinking, editing, more editing to come up with the finished product.  It was the kind of post that was going to serve to remind me of my goals, one that I would be able to go back to from time to time or as frequently as I felt it necessary to review my retired life.   It was going to be a record, a starting point.  And it's gone with so little effort.  Hit the publish button and gone.  Can't locate it anywhere.  Feeling a little deflated right now.  Think I'll put this whole process to bed and work on it again tomorrow.  

Lesson Learned!  You bet! 
Night all..... on to a great day tomorrow. 

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