Thursday, November 15, 2012

Making a Big Change

My home for the past 13, almost 14 years has been in a "vertical village" and I can honestly say that I have enjoyed every day that I have lived in my mortgage-free residence.  Basically, I live in a condo  where I own everything inside the walls, a parking spot and a storage locker located on an easily accessible floor.  Prior to this home, I owned my home on a street nearby.  My daughters had finished university and moved on with their significant others and I was ready to downsize.  I did see an ad at work for a unit in this village and turned out the individual who put up the ad was the wife of the individual who owned it and wanted to sell.  Her name wasn't on the title.  They wanted to move due to lack of space for two people.  I looked at it, loved it and put in an offer the first business day after viewing and my offer was accepted immediately.

This couple turned around and bought my house; the price was right, they loved the location and the house.   We agreed to close the deal one month after presenting and accepting our offers.  Whoa!  Only one month to pack, dispose of and sell items.  With help the process was completed and I became a condo dweller.

There are a lot of advantages to living in a condo for a senior but some disadvantages also.  I'll share some of my thoughts another time.


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  1. it has crossed my mind on the odd occasion with our health problems if condo living would be better for us, but dh likes to keep busy with his DIY.