Friday, November 23, 2012

Way to Use Up Miscellaneous in the Fridge!!

Gives self great big pat on the back.  LOL!

Food Waste Friday??

Nope, not today.  A thorough search quick scan of the refridge revealed some small sprouting but still firm potatoes, some baby carrots that didn't have "eat 'em raw" appeal, a bit of corn, and maybe a half cup diced onions and some cooked chicken left from a bird roasted mid-week.  Hmmmmm, what to make?  I know.... brain wave....chicken pot pie.  Easy enough to do, just need to make up some gravy, crust and into oven.
All veggies cooked, gravy added.  Yum.

Portioned and topped with pastry.  Portioned to be frozen after baking.

Cooling for a while prior to packaging.

Dinner tonight along with steamed broccoli and a small garden side salad!
I'm hungry already and dinner isn't for another hour..... that's okay, I can wait.  A cup of Timmy's will hold off the hunger!  LOL!

I know posting what I've prepared with leftovers isn't an original idea to a blog, but bear with me, I am pretty new to blogging..... just finding my way here.  So right now, going with what I know.  :)

I picked up "Blogging For Dummies" from my library...... getting some wonderful lessons from this book.  The authors are Susannah Gardner and Shane Birley, and as with all the "Dummies"  clear and concise.

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