Saturday, October 6, 2012

Stoptober 5th

Friday, the end of the work week for me.  I left work at 5:45 instead of the usual 7:15 pm.  It is our opportunity to celebrate the Thanksgiving week-end in Canada and many of the students departed either late on Thursday or early Friday for their homes to spend the long week-end with their families.  The dining hall was almost deserted at 5:30 pm and the supervisor asked if I would be interested in leaving early.  For two reasons:  1)  the Company would save on labour costs, and 2)  there wasn't anything to do. 

I jumped at the opportunity to leave before my time ended as I was really tired yesterday, just an accumulation of fatigue from the week.  Home I went, feet elevated when I arrived and into a book until I couldn't keep my eyes open at 10 p.m.

Happy to report that Stop 5th was a no-spend day.  Hurray!  Allowable spending was for car insurance and condo insurance. 

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