Thursday, October 4, 2012

Stoptober 4th

Today was an allowable spending day.  My gas tank was almost empty.  I actually had planned to fill it yesterday but on the way home I heard that the price of gas was dropping by 4 cents a litre, so that made me change my plan and I filled up on the way home tonight. 

The tank took 34.2 litres at $1.258/per litre for a total of $43.03 which includes HST of $4.95.  I bought the gas at Canadian Tire so with redeeming  a coupon got 60 cents back in CT bonus money.  I will be especially interested to see how long this tank will last.  There are 4 more must drive days to work, then will be only occasional driving around town. 

I have resisted spending money on my favourite Hershey's Twizzlers the past two nights on the drive home from work.  I wanted/needed/wanted to have that licorice soooooooo badly.  Nope, nope, nope!!!  No spend month!! 

I love them.  They are addicting.  Eat one and you want to eat the whole package.  I wanted them BUT I didn't need them.  Resisted!  Craving overcome.  Yay me!!!

Tired tonight, feel like doing nothing more than putting the tired aching feet up and relaxing.

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  1. Hi, linked to your blog from Frugal Queen. Just wanted to say well done for not giving into temptation:-)Must admit I'm struggling with my Amazon addiction, but NO, no more books!! I do not need them, there is a perfectly good library here.
    Nice to meet someone else who's retired/ing though I'm sorry it was so necessary. your poor feet!
    What a sweetie your cat is by the way.