Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sore feet, Tired legs

One week into being back to work and my feet are tender.  I can't remember ever before, my feet hurting as much as they do today and I have been off them for 24 hours, except when I was out briefly this p.m. to fetch some yarn to carry on with my cross stitch project.  I did little walking, just from my car to the shop and even that little bit was excruciatingly painful. 

I am thinking that the the pain from my arthritic knees and feet is going to put me into a position where I may have to leave work earlier than the end of the year.  One of my government pensions has started already and the other one will begin Nov. 1.  If I find I need to leave my job earlier, I will be okay financially.  I just wanted to stuff as much into savings as possible before the end of the year.  But right now, right today my feet are just screaming with pain, hinting loudly that maybe staying 'til 2012 is finished is not to be. 

This has been me a few times this week.  LOL!

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