Thursday, February 14, 2013

'splain yourself

Okay, can do.

"Busy, really busy since Monday", she says ..............
"Oh, come on you can do better than that", says she ..............
"No, really..... busy, very busy", she says ............
"Everybody's busy, but they do find time to blog", she says .............
"I know" she says, hanging head in embarassment. 

A week ago today, daughter's FIL (I'll refer to him as B) whose hip was fractured in a fall at home was moved from hospital, after a six week  recovery period to a retirement residence located 20 kilometers from the town where I live and where my DD's family live.  The actual move was uneventful, and thank God for that as last Thursday was the beginning of the snowstorm covering two days.  He does have a PSW with him 24/7 right now and will continue to have one until he is healed and able to walk more steadily with his walker.  The individual in charge of decision making re his care continues to create drama and the challenge to remain outside the drama is still there but I am finding it much easier to deal with.  When I talk to her, I state the facts as I see them.... only the facts!  And that's working quite nicely.

Because she lives a distance away, she relies on my DD and her DS to provide assistance if he needs something, but DD is bogged down right now.  She has picked up the flu that her daughter had last week and as all mom's know, you can't be sick.  But she is exhausted from carrying on despite feeling unwell and I am now providing support with kids and also assisting with B as there are some ongoing issues re his early days in the residence.  There were a lot of changes very quickly for him so time and patience for adjustment are definitely needed.  Distance, time challenges, illness have all come together in an imperfect storm for a few days. 

Tuesday afternoon I created some time to bake sugar cookies with a simple decoration of red sugar for the GK's for a Valentine treat.



packaged and ready to go

Time to get a move on!  The rest of the day is looking busy.  Happy Valentine's Day!

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, or so the saying goes.  Did you miss me?  LOL


  1. Of course! I was considering driving to your town to hunt you down,you'd been missing so long!
    Jane x

  2. I know how you are feeling as I was there three years ago when my late DH was ill. Some days there are just not enough hours to get everything done, is there? Hope the assistance you are providing slows down soon for you.
    Those cookies look yummy.

    1. Thank you Patricia. It is a very complicated process, isn't it? But it is what it is and must be dealt with. :)

  3. You are busy busy busy is right! don't get yourself too run down. Yummy looking Hearts.

    1. Thank you Cindy. I've missed visiting you the last few days, have some catching up to do.

  4. Of course we missed you! But it's OK to take some time off blogging and be with your family. We all need it sometimes! I used to feel pressured to blog every day but I'm blogging for pleasure, and there are sometimes things that are just more important. As long as you always come back :)

    1. It's like you have given me permission, and I'm feeling much better about my absence. :)

  5. Dear Connie
    Yes I missed you too :) but obviously there are reasons why it's not possible to post each day. Just do the best you can, as we all do
    Cookies look lovely, what a great idea!
    Judy xx